Grizzlies find new home at CPAWS!

As winter passes into spring, so too do wildlife emerge from their deep hibernation to bask in sunshine and frolic in the woods and mountains. So too have these toy grizzly bears found a new home with us at CPAWS! The Land Conservancy of British Columbia (TLC) has generously donated these adorable stuffed grizzly bears to support and further our causes. These bears will go towards our future fundraising efforts in our campaigns like Coast to Cascades, which work towards protecting the grizzly’s habitat.

The Living Dead: Canada’s Zombie MPAs

Join us on this especially spooky Hallowe'en, as the dissipating morning mist over our ocean reveals a horrible secret. Our Ocean Conservation Manager Alexandra Barron has seen some chilling things, and has lived to tell the tale…

Don’t miss your chance to vote for conservation!

  • Published on Oct 05 2015 |
  • by Michelle Sz |
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The federal election is fast approaching. Did you know you can already vote? Don’t miss your chance to vote for conservation! Our ED Bruce reminds you of where and when you can vote this election. Have your say in the future of the environment and the country!

Review of Hadwin’s Judgement: One man’s struggle between beauty and destruction

Have you seen Hadwin’s Judgement yet? Based on the award winning book The Golden Spruce, it is playing at the Vancouver Playhouse on Oct. 5th as part of the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF). It is a film not to be missed by anyone with an interest in environmental activism, the history of British Columbia’s growth of the logging industry, or even just curious about the mysterious place so close yet so distanced from us called Haida Gwaii. Not convinced yet? Read this review and you will be.

Good Environmental Reads/Films for Fall

  • Published on Sep 28 2015 |
  • by Michelle Sz |
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As the weather turns cooler and the rains make more frequent appearances, Autumn is a great time to tuck in with a good book or film. We asked some of our members to share their recommendations for environmental books and films: works that resonates with their conservation aspirations. If you're looking for inspiration, look no further than this great list.

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