Bike To Work Week

  • Published on May 31 2012 |
  • by Nicola Hill |
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There really is nothing more freeing than biking past huge line ups of cars during rush hour. I bike to the CPAWS-BC office every day, rain or shine (although as one might expect, more often in the rain in Vancouver). I'm definitely not a morning person, so my morning commute wakes me up and gives me time outside before I arrive to the office. My bike ride home allows me to decompress from the day so that by the time I arrive home I'm ready to relax for the evening or feel refreshed for an outing.

I can honestly say that riding my bike is the most efficient way to get to work. I have driven before and every now and then need to take public transportation -- both are slower than my average bike commute and are not as much fun. I stay in shape, I'm happier when I bike, it's great for the environment, I am able to spend my mornings biking to work with my boyfriend -- the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. The occassional bug I swallow or downpour I bike through really just adds to the experience!

Elyse Curley, Terrestrial Conservation Coordinator