Celebrating Parks Day in Cypress Provincial Park

By Kathryn MacDonald

As the sun shone down on Cypress Provincial Park, the Yew Lake Trail stood out as an oasis for the plethora of species that call the wetland area home. Last Saturday, we celebrated Parks Day with a Yew Lake Trail Hike and Cypress Provincial Park BioBlitz. Our hiking group learned a lot from participating in the North Shore Wetland Partners Society BioBlitz at Cypress. While trying to spot various species along the trail, we were amazed at the biodiversity we saw along the way. 

The most amazing plant we saw was the Sundew, a carnivorous plant related to the Venus flytrap, which traps flies in a sticky mucus on its leaves and then digests them! But the plant was only the size of a short grass or moss and we walked right by it at first, unassuming.

It was such a thrill to get out of the office and in to a Provincial Park! As I work in the CPAWS-BC office for the majority of the time, I was eager for the chance to connect with the public in a Provincial Park. Our Parks Day hike was a reminder of why I love working for CPAWS-BC. Although Cypress Provincial Park was not created by CPAWS, CPAWS has played a role in the creation of TWO THIRDS of Canada’s protected areas!

Most of the wilderness left in B.C. and on our coast is in public hands. B.C. has a tremendous variety of plants and animals – these species survive in grasslands, mountains, northern boreal, coastal rainforest and ocean ecosystems. Therefore it is crucial to protect strategic large swaths of representative land and ocean – places with a healthy variety of changing life forms. I work at CPAWS-BC because I want to be a part of the movement to remind the world that the non-human world has as much of a right to be here as we do. Therefore, it is vital to protect wilderness spaces to give all species a home. That is why I LOVE PARKS!


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