• Published on May 15 2012 |
  • by Nicola Hill |
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CPAWS-BC’s very own Director of Terrestrial Conservation, Chloe O’Loughlin, appeared before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development at the Delta Vancouver Airport in Vancouver, BC this morning. It was a unique and fantastic opportunity for CPAWS-BC to lend its voice in the ongoing dialogue on conservation in BC!

In January 2012, The Committee passed a motion to undertake a study to provide recommendations to the Minister of the Environment on the development of a National Conservation Plan (original House of Commons press release can be found here).

Several interested groups across Canada have stepped up to take part in these public hearings including CPAWS’ National Director of Conservation in Ottawa, Alison Woodley. Presenting groups in BC included Eco Justice, Pacific Salmon Foundation, and World Wild Life Fund Canada. Chloe’s presentation focused on how a National Conservation Plan in Canada would impact small communities across the province.

Chloe’s full speech on CPAWS-BC’s Recommendations for a National Conservation Plan in Canada can be found here:

According to feedback from the Committee, what interested the Committee the most from Chloe's presentation were the economic and community benefits of a National Conservation Plan. Apparently, CPAWS-BC was the only organization the Committee had heard that focused on these particular benefits to the local community and economy.

Let's hope that Standing Committee heard the message loud and clear: CPAWS-BC believes that a National Conservation Plan could provide the leadership and inspiration to provinces, regions, communities and citizens to work together to protect and care for our country’s magnificent natural heritage.