CPAWS welcomes completion of the Dease-Liard land use plan

  • Published on Jan 31 2012 |
  • by Nicola Hill |
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After 10 years of work and partnership with the Kaska First Nation, we are immensely pleased that a new provincial park, ‘Ne’ah’, and special management area, Gu Cha Duga, have been established in northern BC. The Premier announced the news with Dave Porter, Grand Chief of the Kaska Nation. Ne’ah, formerly known as the Horseranch Range, is a north-south range spanning 40 kilometres, where, as the Kaska say, the animals ‘go to get fat’. This protection totals nearly 600,000 hectares.

These areas protect large free ranging populations of woodland caribou, moose, Dall's sheep, Stone sheep,  and hundreds of thousands of migrating neo-tropical songbirds and waterfowl in this spectacular area.

Congratulations to the province and the Kaska First Nation for this achievement.