Dog Mountain Hike

Written by Dorry Price, Wild Ambassador

On Monday, March 30th, an adventurous group of participants hopped on a bus straight after work, and met me in Mount Seymour Provincial Park to go hiking. I was impressed with the enthusiasm, especially as someone who used to associate hiking as a weekend only activity!

As a group of 7 (plus the gorgeous Nemiah), we enthusiastically headed along the trail. Despite Peter warning me, I was surprised how muddy the trail was. Recent rain and snowmelt meant that parts of the trail were totally covered in thick mud, with no way to go around. However, my participants were amazing, and didn’t hesitate to go straight through it. At one point a rock bridge was constructed to help us across a particular problem area – thanks to Ben and Padraic!

We passed a beautiful lake, clambered up rocks and over streams while discussing the amazing provincial park and the species that live there. Two of the participants were new to Canada, so had plenty of questions about bears, cougars and the must see places on the West Coast!

We reached the summit of Dog Mountain in time to take plenty of photos and grab a snack before the light began to fade. It was incredible to watch the city’s lights come on from the distance. We headed back onto the trail with headlamps, and as we passed the lake on the way back, many of us stopped to turn off our lights and just listen to the quiet all around us. It was an amazing experience to be hiking at night, and something most people had never done before! The experience definitely showed us that with proper preparation and an enthusiastic group of people, we don’t always have to wait until the weekend to go hiking – mid-week camping was even discussed!

This trip would not have been possible without the amazing support of the CPAWS-BC and BC Parks Wild Ambassador Program, as well as MEC Outdoor Nation. Finally thank you to all my adventurous participants who came from near and far, and for being excited to learn more about how amazing our BC parks are!