Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup!

A big thank you to everyone who volunteered as a part of our CPAWS team at Deering Island Park in the Southlands to participate in the Great Canadian Shore Cleanup!  The health of our shores greatly impacts the health of our ocean and it was great to see so many passionate people who care about keeping our oceans and shores healthy!

 It was a beautiful day to get outside, learn a little about our oceans and actively do something to help this ecosystem and the many creatures that use it, like this Great Blue Heron who greeted us upon our arrival at the park.

We collected a wide variety of litter that had accumulated along the shoreline including, sadly, many recyclable materials as well as a large amount of plastic. Not only is this waste an eye-sore on the coastlines, it is also causing huge problems in our marine ecosystems. 

Plastic pollution has a significant environmental impact particularly on marine life and our coastlines as animals suffer from becoming entangled in it, are prone to ingesting it, and can result in an increase in species invasion as plastic litter provides more opportunities for the transportation of foreign, invasive species. The introduction of non-endemic species can have a significant impact on the biodiversity and local species.

Overall it was personally very rewarding to know that by participating in the Shoreline Cleanup I was doing my part in keeping harmful plastic out of the ocean.  I know that many of the other people there also felt the same way. Being out at Deering Island Park reminded me of all the great wild places that we are fortunate enough to have right here in the middle of the city and that we need to be cognizant of our impacts on.