Help us to protect the Scott Islands

We need your help to make sure that the Scott Islands marine National Wildlife Area gets the protection it needs.

These five small islands, surrounded by the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean, just off the northern tip of Vancouver Island are a place of refuge for more than 2 million seabirds each year, alongside many other species including sea otters, sea lions, whales, sea turtles and sharks.

The draft regulations for the Scott Islands marine National Wildlife Area were released for public feedback on December 31st.

While the announcement marks a positive step towards protecting the area, the regulations fail to provide adequate protection from harmful activities.

The proposed regulations fail to adequately address the following threats:

  • Bycatch of seabirds by long-lining, trolling, trawling and gill net fisheries
  • Destruction of seafloor ecosystems from bottom-trawling
  • Disturbance of seabirds while at sea by ships and boats
  • Noise pollution from shipping which makes areas uninhabitable for whales that rely on vocal communication
  • Exposure to oil spills and pollution from boats and ships.

Just one drop of oil can ruin the waterproofing of a bird’s feathers, causing hypothermia and death.

The minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada has committed to work with stakeholders to improve the protection measures for seabirds and other key species. We now have a short window of opportunity to improve the Scott Islands marine National Wildlife Area.

If you think the government can and should do better, then they need to hear from you. Please take action today. Your words can make a big difference.

Click here to send a letter to Environment Canada asking them to work together with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and Transport Canada to ensure that the Scott Islands get the protection that they need.

You can read our detailed recommendations here to find out more about the problems and solutions


The puffins will thank you (and so do we).