What was your most memorable BC outdoor adventure?

  • Published on Oct 13 2016 |
  • by Michelle Sz |
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Thinking about your next BC outdoor adventure? We asked some of our donors to share their most memorable outdoor adventure in BC. From going into labour on a canoe trip to being airlifted out of the West Coast Trail, some of these wilderness enthusiasts' stories are sure to inspire you to head into our stunning BC outdoors!

"Hiking with my husband in Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park in early spring in 2013. We were moving to B.C. from Quebec, and were getting married that summer. We stopped on our drive for a few days to stay in the Okanagan, before it got really busy with summer vacationers. We had the whole park to ourselves, and climbed everything we could find." ~ Gillian A.

"Every time I experience a first time nature moment with my students. Their enthusiasm and excitement are infectious and connect me to my own passion for nature and a lifetime of biophilia." ~ Victor E.

"Hiking the West Coast Trail with my late husband, just after the storm in 2008. The trail was in rough shape and we ended up being air lifted out at the 3/4 mark due to injury. Absolutely stunning scenery which included black bears and elk. A truly awesome experience." ~ Sandra P.

"Last May I did a ten-day paddling trip through Gwaii Hanaas National Park with my family. We had had a tough year with medical problems, and having the chance to get out to that magical place was practically miraculous. We saw humpbacks, orcas, grey whales, harbour porpoises, black bears, and more eagles than we could count, and didn't even murder each other." ~ Jimmy T. 

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Thomson

"My most memorable adventure was rafting down the Thompson with salmon migration season in full tilt and seeing a hungry black bear on the side of the river as we sailed past!" ~ Lindsay M.

"Hiking around Mt Edziza in northern BC was one of the greatest adventures. Hiking on volcanoes that look like something that belongs in Hawaii instead of bc, spotting wolves and momma grizzly with her cubs made this an adventure you read about in magazines." ~ Steve I.

"My wife and I were married two years ago at Emerald Lake. Our honeymoon turned into a family roadtrip through the mountains that included hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and a ridiculous amount of good times." ~ Daniel R.

"Pregnant with my third child we went by boat to recover our canoe which had become separated from our boat when we went from Galiano Island to Vancouver. The canoe had been washed up on Pender Island and after we recovered it we set out for Sphinx Island, but I went into labor so we made landfall on a footlet of Prevost Island and Juniper was born there, near a grove of Juniper trees, and the Northern Cross of stars appeared overhead, so she is named Juniper Star Swan. ~ Antonia M.

"A full day loop hike with friends exploring the less traveled ecclesiastical peaks behind Mt. Seymour (Rector, Bishop, Vicar). Then routing back past Vicar Lake and out along the Elsay lake trail. A beautiful day with great company and a flask of something to celebrate each peak as we reached it." ~ Simon C.