Learning from our youth

  • Published on May 31 2012 |
  • by Elyse Curley |
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Need a lesson in being more passionate about your cause?  Simply hang out with some youth for a while and you’ll be set!  This past weekend, CPAWS-BC was invited to host an outreach table at the BBQ Against Bottles, an amazing event put on by a group of energetic Grade 10 girls from North Vancouver who have formed TAP Bottles (Together Against Plastic Bottles).

Their mission is to eliminate plastic bottles from their school and they are making it happen!  Not only did they plan a great event that brought together non-profits, student groups, musicians and film-makers, but they also gave a passionate and convincing presentation on why we need to stop using disposable water bottles.

Elyse, Alicia, our awesome volunteer, and myself had a blast hanging out with everyone who attended.  They were all super eager to learn more about CPAWS-BC and the conservation work we do.  Their eagerness to make a positive change in the world was definitely contagious.  All three of us left feeling excited and inspired to do more for conservation in BC!

Jackie Peat, Fundraising and Events Coordinator