Meet the Residents of the Great Bear Sea

The Great Bear Sea, the stretch of water from North Vancouver Island to the Alaskan Border, is one of the most productive cold-water seas on Earth.  It is a world treasure, home to everything from tiny plankton to mighty whales, from rare seabirds to globally unique deep-sea sponge and coral reefs.

Check out this handy, interactive map to meet some of the residents of the Great Bear Sea.

On behalf of some of these incredible residents of the Great Bear Sea, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who submitted your comments and voiced your support for integrated marine planning on BC’s coast.
After two and a half years of hard work the sub-regional draft marine plans for the Central Coast, North Coast, North Vancouver Island and Haida Gwaii have been released and the public consultation is now closed.

The plans and the public feedback are now being reviewed, and we hope will receive final sign-off by the provincial government and First Nations in the autumn.

But our work is far from over. With so many incredible species and ecosystems at stake, we need to make sure our Great Bear Sea is properly protected in the face of increasing shipping, fishing, climate change and proposed developments.

Show your support
The plans are an important first step, but we need to make sure that they are actually implemented and don’t just accumulate dust on a shelf, because protecting the Great Bear Sea is really, really important.

Full and proper implementation of these plans pay dividends for the local communities and species that live in and around the Great Bear Sea by ensuring our use of ocean resources is sustainable.

But implementation of the plans will take money, time, energy and commitment from the provincial government and will require approval from the federal government. 

Please show your support for the Great Bear Sea and careful marine planning by visiting and sending a letter to the provincial government urging them to commit to making the plans a reality.