Overnight Kayak to Twin Island

By Dorry Price, CPAWS-BC Wild Ambassador

On the weekend of the 18th and 19th of October, 8 adventurous participants joined me on an overnight kayak trip. We met on the dock at Deep Cove and after a short kayak skills and safety refresher, we crammed our kayaks with camping supplies, and headed out on the water.
Despite the threat of rain, the day turned out to be beautiful as we paddled out across the inlet stopping for a chat with the park rangers before hitting Twin Island by midafternoon. This gave us plenty of time to pitch tents and explore North Twin Island. The best find was surely the giant rock to the East of North Twin Island – with an amazing view and great swimming spot. We warmed up by the camping stove afterwards with hot chilli, tea and marshmallows. As the skies started to darken with the early evening, it provided the perfect opportunity to bring the group together to talk about the Dare to be Deep and Caribou and You campaigns. I also answered loads of questions about attending MEC Outdoor Nation and mentioned that those interested should look out for CPAWS’s Take Back the Wild.

The morning promised another beautiful day so it wasn’t long before we were out on the water again, stopping quickly to explore the small lagoon between North and South Twin Island. It was teeming with starfish, crabs and small schools of fish – an amazing opportunity to discuss marine ecosystems! We paddled away with the tide towards the coastline, hugging it as we approached Deep Cove, and staring in awe at the amazing houses that line the provincial park. With kayak skills now perfected, and the warm weather encouraging us, we made it back to the Deep Cove in just an hour!

After unpacking the kayaks, and saying our final thank yous to Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak Rentals, we headed up the hill to warm up with coffee and doughnuts. Everyone had awesome feedback and it was amazing to hear how although everyone had been in a BC park before, none of the participants had ever visited Indian Arm Provincial Park. Everyone said that they had learnt something new and that it was their first time overnight kayaking! What was The biggest success? Everyone said they would be more likely to visit a BC park again because of this activity! I was pleased to be able to show my appreciation for a park like Indian Arm Provincial Park, which includes both marine and terrestrial ecosystems and passed this on to my amazing participants!

However, this trip would never have been possible without the generous support of Deep Cove Kayak Rentals who donated 6 of their kayaks for the overnight excursion. Many of the participants discussed how they had been keen to do a trip similar to this for quite some time, and this was an amazing opportunity for them. Also thank you to CPAWS BC and BC parks for supporting the Wild Ambassador Program. A special thank you to Adam Mertens for donating his time to give expert kayak advice. Finally, thank you to all my participants who came from near and far for being adventurous and keen to learn more about how amazing our BC parks are! Throughout the trip I asked everyone to take photos and the best ones are featured throughout this post! The winning photo is posted below! Congratulations to Patrick Warshawski!