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Oct 10
VIFF brings ocean protection to the big screen with BLUE
May 18
Marine Protected Areas 103: Canada’s “Protected” Areas
May 18
Marine Protected Areas 102: The Benefits of MPAs
May 18
Marine Protected Areas 101: What is an MPA?
Jun 29
Five Reasons to Say “Happy Canada Day!” this Year
Nov 07
Dare to be Deep: Woah! Canada?!
Oct 21
Ghost Fishing, the Phantom Menace of the Sea
Jul 29
Meet the Residents of the Great Bear Sea
Jun 19
All is not lost. The future of the coast after the Enbridge announcement.
Jun 17
Northern Gateway pipeline approved despite public opposition
Jun 06
Marine Planning on the B.C. Coast is a positive step for ocean protection in Canada
May 16
Granny, the world’s oldest orca at home in BC’s waters
May 14
A Spot Prawn Tail
Mar 31
A lesson from the chefs
Dec 13
What is a glass sponge?!
Nov 15
Why Wally?
Nov 07
Journey to the Sea of Glass
Oct 30
Creative Sea Competition
Sep 27
Bruce Kirkby: A life of adventure
Sep 11
The Life Aquatic: Journey to the Sea of Glass
Aug 16
Ceremonial raising of Haida Pole - first time in over 130 years
Jun 13
One Chef’s Ride for the Oceans
May 30
Saturna Island Moby Doll Whale Symposium
May 24
Great Scott!
May 17
Diving in the Southern Strait of Georgia
Apr 04
Seabirds At Risk
Mar 25
CPAWS-BC participates in a panel discussion on marine protected areas
Oct 04
Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup!
Jun 08
Happy World Oceans Day!