Welcoming new interns to the team

  • Published on Jan 09 2012 |
  • by Nicola Hill |
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We have three new interns at CPAWS this January and we're excited that they joined the team!

Nicolas Loquet has come on board as the Community Engagement Coordinator. He'll be working with our communications and fundraising team of volunteers to ensure the smooth running of the outreach and fundraising initiatives. He will update our website, assist with social media and support campaign needs.

The future of BC's conservation movement relies on the next generation of children and youth - if they're not connected to the great outdoors, there will be no one here to defend BC's wild. Jordan Tam will be working at CPAWS as our "Deep Personal Relationships with Nature" BRITE Intern from UBC. He will be researching questions related to children's relationship with nature and programs that have been successful at forging a deep personal relationship between children and nature. With this research, he will make recommendations for how current park interpretive programs, classroom and outdoor education programs, etc. can be improved upon in BC in order to foster deeper relationships between children and the environment.

CPAWS-BC, along with Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative and the Wilburforce Foundation, have completed some significant work on climate change analyses in northern BC. This work includes analyses of features that will endure climate change; analyses of important areas for species connectivity; and incorporating this information into plans for protected areas in light of climate change. Marc Edwards, our PICS intern from UBC, will work on and review these analyses, write an academic report summarizing these analyses, and create an easy-to-understand presentation that incorporates all of the analyses and findings so that we can better explain this groundbreaking project to others.

We are looking forward to hosting our new interns in the CPAWS office and will keep you up-to-date on their research and work!