Get Outside BC - Youth Explore Lynn Canyon Park

Written by: Winnie Kwan, Get Outside BC Youth Leader 2014

Hello and welcome to those of you reading!

This past summer, I had the privilege of attending the CPAWSBC GetOutside BC Program. During the span of a week, not only did I get to experience the amazing wilderness of BC, but I also obtained the skills and resources necessary to go back home to my community and facilitate the same types of experiences for youth there!

On Friday August 22nd, 2014 I led a group of 10 friends up to North Vancouver's Lynn Canyon Park for a hike and picnic down by Lynn creek. The weather that day was perfect with warm temperatures and sunny blue skies peaking when we met up at Waterfront station at 12:30 pm, and after a quick Seabus ride across the inlet and another bus up, we were there!

Our hike took us through the landmark Suspension Bridge, as well as the beautiful view from the Twin Peaks bridge before we stopped for a rest down by Lynn Creek. The view was absolutely beautiful, with the sun glinting off the clear water, and green trees surrounding us on both sides! Participants were told to bring their own lunches, but through the generous funding of CPAWSBC and the GetOutside BC program, I was also able to bring some light snacks for everyone to enjoy!

We munched on bread, fruit, and our lunches, and afterwards, some of us even took a dip in the creek. Given the warm weather of the day, the cold but refreshing water totally hit the spot!

We had a short but steep hike to finish it off, leaving Lynn Canyon Park at 5 pm, and ended our day at the Shipyards Night Market. Vendors of all sorts sold artisan goods such as hand carved wood products, bead crafts, and paintings and drawings, as well as
many yummy foods ranging from fresh and local produce, to cupcakes, to cheese delicacies, to gourmet sandwiches! Our group ended up grabbing dinner at one of the food trucks featured, and then we went down to the Lonsdale Quay dock, to eat, chat, and admire the sunset!

It was the perfect way to end off a wonderful day outside!

A huge thank you to CPAWSBC and the GetOutside BC program for your support on this project, and all of you who came out and participated!

Thanks for reading!
Bright Smiles,
Winnie Kwan
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