The Outdoorsmen: FIRST HIKE!

Welcome to first event of the Outdoorsmen! We are excited to say that we have planned a great hike at Mount Seymour for the Wild Ambassadors program :)
We are excited to bring this group out to this beautiful hike which has one peak and then a loop. We will start off looking at the Deep Cove look out and then walk down the Old Buck Trail and then do a loop around Goldie Loop Trail.

Our game plan for this hike is for the Richmond folk to meet up at Brighouse at 8 am and for the other folk to meet us at Waterfront at 8:30 am. We want to be at the start of the trail at 10:30 am and finish the hike by 3pm.

Things to bring:
Bus fare
Waterproof clothes
Good hiking shoes and boots
A signed waiver (which we will post on the group soon, don't worry that you haven't seen it yet!)
Snacks and Lunch
Lots of water

This event is geared towards youth 15-18 years old. We can only have 20 people attend this event, so please let us know if you are planning on coming as soon as you can.

Please message Jess "Wolf Tooth" Jones or Angelica "Crazy Bear" Poversky at