B.C. bans mining in the Flathead Valley

  • Published on Feb 10 2010 |
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Congratulations to all CPAWS supporters!

In a surprise move, the B.C. government ordered a complete ban on mining activity in the Flathead Valley. It's great news for CPAWS and all our supporters, as we've waged a three-decade long battle to protect the Flathead. Congratulations to all who wrote letters and supported the campaign financially.

This Rocky Mountain valley is home to the greatest density of grizzly bears in the interior of North America, along with the complete native suite of predators and prey, like wolves and elk.

The B.C. government announced the mining ban in its Throne Speech, along with a new working relationship with Montana to protect the transborder wilderness that extends into the United States.

The Flathead Valley is nestled in the southeast corner of British Columbia, above and beside Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, a World Heritage Site and United Nations Biosphere Reserve. The Flathead's major river flows south to form the western border of the peace park in Montana. Mining would have hurt the purity of that river water and ultimately damaged the larger ecosystem. (Photo: Garth Lenz)

Although the mining ban announced by the B.C. government is a tremendous step, CPAWS will continue to campaign for a national park in the lower third of the Flathead Valley, along with a wildlife corridor for the animals moving from Waterton-Glacier up to Banff.

"The Flathead is such a special place. CPAWS needs to make sure it's protected forever. Please keep up your letter writing and campaigning. We need a park and wilderness corridor in the Flathead. Thank you for your help over the past three decades and your continued support into the future," says Chloe O'Loughlin, Executive Director of CPAWS-BC. "And tip a glass tonight for the mining ban. It's a great step forward."