Green wave isn’t just passing fad

Saturday, Nov. 22: It’s not radical to be green - Local politicians represent best chance to stop fossil fuel projects in B.C.

Re: A Green hue spreads, threatening Vancouver Island’s orange profile, Column, Nov. 19, Vancouver Sun

Vaughn Palmer’s article on the green hue washing over B.C. hit the proverbial recycled metal nail on the head. The public attitude toward the environment has shifted. Unfortunately, many politicians still cling to the hope that green is just a phase, or the passion of only a few. The data clearly demonstrates otherwise.

Last spring, 168,109 Canadians signed a petition in response to the B.C. government passing a bill to open parks for resource exploration.

Throughout the fall, community leaders stood alongside protesters in response to foreign corporations having more rights than local citizens to access public lands.

For over a year, First Nations and non-native people have stood hand in hand to oppose resource extraction in critical habitat and on sacred lands.

You don’t have to be an artist to see that if you mix blue and orange, you get a deep shade of green, a colour that has grown deep roots in this political climate.

BRUCE PASSMORE, B.SC, MA, Executive director, B.C. Chapter, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS)

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