New Film on BC’s Ocean Released:  “MaPPing BC’S OCEAN FUTURE”

May 13, 2014

VANCOUVER- International award-winning filmmakers, Karen and Ralf Meyer of Green Fire Productions are releasing a trailer for their upcoming film today, “MaPPing BC’s Ocean Future.”

The five-minute film highlights the historic collaboration between the Province of British Columbia and 18 First Nations to create Canada’s first large-scale marine plans—plans designed to protect long-term ocean health and create sustainable marine economies on BC’s North coast, also called the Great Bear Sea. The film’s release comes during the public comment period for the Marine Planning Partnership (MaPP), during which members of the community are invited to share their input on the draft plans.

The Green Fire team has produced a series of films chronicling the best examples of marine planning in the United States and recently completed a series of interviews for UNESCO on European marine planning. Green Fire Productions Executive Director and producer of “MaPPing BC’s Ocean Future,” Karen Meyer said, “We are looking worldwide at the best examples of marine planning. British Columbia caught our eye because of the collaboration among First Nations and the Province of BC, the vast coastal waters that provide for a strong marine economy, and the development pressure the region is facing.” 

Art Sterritt, executive director, Coastal First Nations, explains in the film that a strong emphasis for the marine plans is to create local, sustainable jobs. “Our plans are designed to take only the natural capital that exists within our region, whether in the terrestrial side or the marine side, we only take and put into the economy what the region can sustain. And that’s what the plans are really about.” Also interviewed in the film are representatives from tourism, academia, local government, commercial fishing, and conservation.

“One crisis after the other essentially is what brings people to the table, right?” Dan Edwards, representative for the BC Commercial Fishing Caucus, points out. “So the need for proper planning in the face of that is just going to increase.”

Watching the trailer, viewers see clear coastal waters, stunning mountains and coastline, salmon, bears, orcas, glass sponges…whale watching, shellfish aquaculture, recreational tourism, commercial fishing… tanker traffic, proposed oil and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) developments…British Columbia’s beautiful and rich coastal environment contains all of this and more. But how to maintain a healthy ocean that supports a sustainable marine economy? The filmmakers are at work on the broadcast length now and expect to complete the film late 2014.

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CONTACT:  Karen Meyer, Executive Director and Film Producer, Green Fire Productions