Parks in trouble in British Columbia

  • Published on Aug 24 2010 |
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NEWS UPDATE: August 23, 2010 –

B.C.’s Auditor General says B.C. lacks the plans necessary to protect nature in B.C.’s parks and protected areas. In the report, the Auditor General finds that despite a sound vision of parks protection, the government falls short in actual plans for protecting parks. Download the report.

CPAWS REACTION: We’re heartened by the Auditor General’s findings. B.C. Parks suffer from chronic underfunding. It’s time for B.C. to properly care for these precious ecosystems and beautiful parks. We hope the B.C. government takes the recommendations of the Auditor General to heart and moves quickly to plan, implement and appropriately fund our parks system, on the eve of B.C. Parks 100th anniversary. It’s not a priority to nurture protected areas. It’s a necessity. Keeping wild places intact is the simple solution to our current and future environmental problems in British Columbia.

–Chloe O’Loughlin, CPAWS-BC Executive Director