PRECIPICE: Artists are vital in climate and habitat loss discussions

A year ago we hatched a plan to create a real-world art exhibit and community space where we could mourn biodiversity loss in BC, honour animals and plants trying to survive in an extinction crisis and recognize the possibility for hope at a moment where we can glimpse positive shifts ahead. 

At Precipice: Changing the Course of the Extinction Crisis in BC we looked forward to what can be in BC – more Indigenous-led conservation; 30% of the province protected by 2030 and a resilient future. At Precipice we celebrated these opportunities, embraced hope and were filled with inspiration for the next leg of the journey to ensure decision-makers turn those promises into action.

We’ve shared some of the artists’ experiences here and we hope you’ll find hope and inspiration from them and their exquisite artwork as well as in some of the joyful moments of Precipice.