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Tell the BC government to show their commitment to biodiversity

Unprecedented rates of species declines and losses are occurring, putting the very ecosystems we depend on at risk of collapse.

The BC government is working to lay the groundwork for a paradigm shift that prioritizes biodiversity and ecosystem health across all industries. This would be a transformational shift, supporting communities and the systems we depend on.

After the October BC election, the next Premier will have a prime opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to prioritizing biodiversity and ecosystem health across all sectors.

Send a message telling current provincial leaders to move forward with the much-needed paradigm shift and put biodiversity first by:

  • Starting work to set up the Office and Officer of Biodiversity immediately
  • BC’s next government committing to place it in every ministry mandate letter this fall


Healthy ecosystems are essential to filter our air and water, mitigate floods and climate change effects, and support food production through pollination and healthy soils.

Send your message asking for the BC government to follow through on their commitment to put biodiversity first.

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