Community Guidelines

Last Updated: October 2020

CPAWS-BC is proud to host an online community space where you can share ideas and concerns about environmental protection. We invite you to join the conversation.

When posting a comment on CPAWS-BC social media channels, please be mindful of the following guidelines:

Respect: Commentary that includes racism, violence, sexism or otherwise discriminatory or hateful language will be removed.

Misrepresentation: Posts that include misinformation, attacks, or threats will be removed.

Spam: This space is reserved for discussion and idea sharing. Spam including advertisements or commercial content will be removed.

Non-partisan. CPAWS-BC is a registered charity. This space may be used for advocacy or debate over policy positions, please refrain from biased commentary on politicians or political parties.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in comments being deleted. In extreme cases, accounts may be blocked from participating in the CPAWS-BC facebook community.

Please note that third-party links and comments posted on CPAWS-BC social media pages do not necessarily represent the CPAWS-BC views or policies.

If you have any questions or concerns about the above policy or how it is applied, please contact

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