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BC Legislature photo by Norman Maddeaux

Call your MLA to say you support Indigenous protected areas​

This week your MLA returned to Victoria to begin the fall legislative session. Right now they’re setting priorities and making plans that could put BC on the right path for generations to come.

CPAWS supporters, together let’s make 100 calls to BC MLAs today with this special welcome back message:

  • Welcome back to the new legislative session. I know you have a big job ahead of you and I’m grateful for your service.
  • I’m calling to let you know I strongly support the creation of new Indigenous protected areas across the province and I hope you will too. They’re an important tool in addressing climate change.
  • First Nations have cared for BC’s lands and waters for thousands of years and know best how to protect our rivers and forests to safeguard wildlife.
  • I hope you’ll work with First Nations to support their vision of land protection for their territories and expand protected areas in BC.

We know it takes courage to call a representative. But, your MLA works for and represents you. Making this phone call is meaningful and can be fun and exhilarating! Be friendly and encouraging! Today’s message is one of hope.

Call your MLA today

Why it’s critical to make this phone call today

Across BC, First Nations communities are taking the lead in preserving land and water through Indigenous-led protected areas.

  • In a recent UBC study, scientists found a higher diversity of birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles on lands managed or co-managed by Indigenous communities. This highlights the essential role that IPCAs and similar initiatives play in protecting BC as a migration route for plants, animals, birds and reptiles facing a changing climate.
  • When we support Indigenous-led conservation across BC–in places like Kaska territory in northern BC and Ktunaxa territory in southeast BC–it not only helps protect plants and animals, but it also makes a promise to the Indigenous Peoples who fish, hunt and live on these lands and whose spiritual lives are deeply connected to these places. It also supports job creation and local economic diversification, particularly in rural and remote communities.

When we support Indigenous-led protected areas, we advance the mission to protect wilderness in every corner of BC. Please, call your MLA today.

“In our territories, we’re striving for human security, dignity through self-determination, sustainable livelihoods, environmental security not only for today but for our unborn future generations to come.”
Eli Enns, Chair, Indigenous Circle of Experts

Photo by Norman Maddeaux