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Support the Great Bear Sea Marine Protected Area Network!

Tell Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, the Honourable Diane Lebouthillier that you support the Great Bear Sea Marine Protected Area Network! 

For over a decade, the collaboration between First Nations, federal, and provincial governments has developed into a united vision and action plan to protect the vibrant network of marine life, communities and cultures that co-exist across the Great Bear Sea.

Right now, we need your help to share support for the implementation of the Great Bear Sea Marine Protected Area (MPA) Network!

Your voice is critical to ensure there are no delays to ensure the timely implementation of an MPA Network that will support healthy coastal waters now and for generations to come. 

Email the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans today and tell them why it is important to protect the Great Bear Sea. 

We’ve provided a pre-written letter with key messages addressed to the Honourable Diane Lebouthillier that you can send or use as inspiration to write your own letter!

Have a few extra minutes? Here are a few ways you can personalize the letter to reflect your unique voice and concerns!
– What does it mean to have a healthy ocean to you
– Describe your connection to the coast
– Specific asks you can include, you can pick one, two or all of the items listed.

In order to achieve a healthy marine ecosystem and coastal communities in the Great Bear Sea, we must ensure the following: 

  • The timely implementation of network sites to meet Canada’s commitment to protecting 25% of marine and coastal areas by 2025 and 30% by 2030
  • Strong legal protections that meet the minimum standards that prohibit industrial activities, including oil and gas activities, mining, bottom trawling, and dumping.
  • Interim protection measures are placed upon site designations before proposed MPA’s come into effect
  • Collaborative governance and strong Indigenous leadership across all network sites 
  • Long-term funding and investments in marine guardian, training, and education programs for Indigenous communities