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Meet Heather, your MicroAdventure guide!

One year out of graduate school, I still define myself as an intestinal immunologist. I am fascinated by the intestinal ecosystem; specifically how bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi co-evolve and interact with each other and your body. This ecosystem influences your health in fascinatingly intricate ways.

Now out of graduate school, I have expanded this view to environmental ecosystems. I view the world through a holistic lens and believe that uncovering the woven webs in ecosystems truly makes one appreciate the need for nuanced approaches to protected areas and lifestyle.

This summer, I am inviting people like you on hikes with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – British Columbia (CPAWS-BC) to share stories of BC’s interconnected systems. I hope to spark a sense of awe at the cleverness and ingenuity of it all. Mostly, I want to share my appreciation for protected areas and the role they play in supporting these systems through our changing world. I think we are ultimately on track toward sustainability, but I know that the environment needs our help to adapt and thrive in the meantime. While we, humanity, figure out how to live sustainably with our planet, protecting large and biodiverse swaths of intact land is an important pro-active measure in the face of climate change. 

I got involved with CPAWS in 2016 when Jessie, CPAWS-BC’s Terrestrial Manager, gave a talk at UBC. I was hooked by CPAWS-BC’s mission to create protected areas in nature while fostering a community of leadership for nature.

I am grateful to live in a time where pristine wilderness and pockets of thriving biodiversity still exist. Learning more about land stewardship and Indigenous knowledge on our human relationships with nature has impacted the ways I understand the world around me. Hearing stories and offering support for new models of Indigenous-led conservation give me hope for these natural places to continue to sustain us – our health, our livelihood and our communities in the future .

If you live around BC’s Lower Mainland, I hope you’ll join one of our community MicroAdventure hikes to make the most of the cooler season and exchange stories as we enjoy nature (and food!) together.

-Heather Filyk
Terrestrial Campaign Assistant 

CPAWS-BC Wild Ambassador, Wilderness First-Aid Certified, UBC Varsity Outdoors Club Alumni

P.S. What am I most excited about? Growing collective knowledge on Leave No Trace principles for any outdoor-goer to apply. I can’t wait to share tips and tricks like these and more.

Happy Hour Hikes and MicroAdventures
CPAWS-BC’s community hikes are set at a social pace on beginner-friendly trails in Metro Vancouver area. We will share tools that each of us can use to protect the ecological integrity of BC’s parks and protected areas, identify plants and signs of wildlife, and reveal pro hiking tips.

All are welcome! We have a carpool or trail-head meet-up option available. Free to register!

Learn more and reserve your spot here.

Upcoming Hikes:


Questions about community hike trails or accessibility? | 604.685.7445 x24

Can’t make it but want to support conservation in BC? Please take one minute to tell your Provincial Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) that you support Indigenous-led conservation initiatives in our province. Learn more at