Get Outside BC

Get Outside BC is a collaborative youth leadership project that aims to strengthen youth attachment to British Columbia’s wilderness by empowering young leaders across the province.



“I have learned an incredible amount and I truly feel that this has changed my life. I feel so confident and capable and inspired and especially hopeful. . . . I didn’t realize that there were so many people as passionate about the things I’m passionate about.” - Past GOBC Participant

What is Get Outside BC?

Get Outside BC is a collaborative youth outdoor leadership program that strengthens youth attachment to BC’s wilderness. We empower youth aged 14-18 by teaching them hands-on skills in wilderness survival, leadership, and conservation in order to prepare them to lead projects that connect other youth to wild spaces. Rather than providing a one-time experience, Get Outside BC provides youth with tools and resources to develop an enduring connection to the outdoors and a lifelong identity as a natural leader.

Since 2011, we have cultivated thousands of young natural leaders across BC. Get Outside BC is a no-cost program to ensure that all youth can apply regardless of socio-economic status.

Get Outside BC Program Expectations

The Get Outside BC program includes learning hands-on leadership skills to reach the following goals:

  • Provide a getaway experience for youth to connect with nature and like-minded peers from their community;
  • Develop outdoor skills: no-trace-camping, risk management, interacting with wildlife, safe cook site practices, introduction to wilderness first aid, map and compass reading;
  • Develop leadership skills: Goal-setting and objectives-setting, managing stress and fatigue, increase participants abilities to lead peers both directly and indirectly;
  • Develop outdoor event planning skills;
  • Try new outdoor recreation activities, and;
  • Have fun!

Get Outside BC 2017

To learn more and apply to one of the upcoming community projects, please click the links below:

Kimberley Community Project

Kelowna Community Project

Vancouver Community Project (Pilot)


Click here to meet the Get Outside BC 2017 Coordination Team.


If you have any questions please email: or phone 604-685-7445 ext 34.





Get Outside BC 2015 Final Report

Get Outside BC 2014 Final Report

Get Outside BC 2013 Final Report

Get Outside BC 2012 Final Report

Get Outside BC 2011 Final Report


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Are you looking for more youth leadership opportunities?! Check out these great programs too:

Leadership Ecology Adventure Program (LEAP) offers secondary students an applied field course in Leadership Studies. During this 9-day outdoor immersion, students will develop their Action-Centered Leadership skills. The climax of LEAP is the Journey, which is taken through a modality of choice (Abroad, Voyageur, SUP). Lead is a transformative passage where learners develop a deeper understanding of themselves within the greater cultural and biological ecology of the Pacific Northwest.

The Metro Vancouver Sustainability Toolbox(MVST) brings together environmental conscious students from across the lower mainland together to explore environmental leadership and stewardship while developing strategies to assist their schools and communities in becoming more sustainable. Sustainability Toolbox students each 4 credits in Sustainability Studies. The program runs in August.

If there are leadership programs missing from this list please send us an email to!

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