Migratory Bird Day Virtual Celebration

Migratory Bird Day – Live! | CPAWS-BC

Hear from our live panel of incredible experts to learn about birding by ear, some of the common — and uncommon — birds to look for this spring, and how you can become a citizen scientist.www.cpawsbc.org

Posted by CPAWS-BC on Saturday, May 9, 2020

This event has passed. Click here to watch the full recording [44min, English].

Saturday May 9 is Migratory Bird Day.

Birds play an important role in cultures and natural environments. We share a responsibility to protect their habitat that provides food, shelter and a safe place to raise their young. 

Join us May 9 at 11 AM along with an incredible team of experts from Metro Vancouver Regional Parks, Birds Canada and CPAWS-BC to learn about birding by ear, birds to look for this spring, and how you can become a citizen scientist.

Migratory birds are incredibly important to the interconnected systems that keep nature healthy. Some species are here to stay and breed during the summer, and others are just passing through on their way to locations further north. They are pollinators who disperse seeds and control pests, and they’re also really pretty. Birdwatching, like other nature-based activities, can help lower stress and improve health.

But birds need our help. Bird populations are on the decline, and their homes are threatened by human activities and impacts like pollution, pesticides, and development.

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