Ocean Week 2022: Defending the Great Bear Sea | Join CPAWS-BC Live on Zoom


Join us for a global celebration of  Ocean Week June 6-10 2022!

You’re invited to join CPAWS-BC’s Ocean Conservation Campaign experts for a special launch for our new Great Bear Sea campaign.

The Great Bear Sea, also referred to as the Northern Shelf Bioregion, is found off the north and central coasts of BC next to the famous Great Bear Rainforest. 

Join us on Zoom on June 9 to learn about the incredible and unique marine life that lives here. Hear about how coastal First Nations are leading the process with the Canadian and BC governments to create a marine protected area (MPAs) network for the region. Thanks to people like you advocating for strong ocean protection, we have a plan to build on the existing three MPAs here to create a whole network of protected areas to further support important habitats. These connected MPAs increase the resilience to impacts and protect the health of the Great Bear Sea for present and future generations.


Register to join us for a live presentation followed by Q&A.


Carlo Acuña (he/him), Ocean Conservation Coordinator
Kate MacMillan (she/her), Ocean Conservation Manager