A new conservancy in Tahltan territory to be protected

A new conservancy in Tahltan territory to be protected

Ice Mountain Lands beside Mt. Edziza Provincial Park in northwestern BC will protect ecological and cultural values for future generations.

April 8, 2021

The announcement of the new Mount Edziza Conservancy is very exciting. We would like to congratulate the Tahltan Central Government for their work to protect this important area.

This is a shining example of Indigenous leadership on land protection that will pave the way to delivering on Canada’s biodiversity conservation commitments to protect 25% by 2025 as a milestone on the way to 30% by 2030. The multisectoral collaboration between industry, non-governmental organizations, and provincial and federal governments can serve as a hopeful model for the future of conservation. 

This is a very sacred and special area to Tahltan people, and this decision will protect it from development for generations to come says Annita Mcphee, executive director of CPAWS-Bc

This area is of high biodiversity and cultural importance. The new conservancy fills in a ‘donut hole’ similar to the one found between Skagit and Manning provincial parks, another important area for wildlife, recreation and ongoing cultural connections. CPAWS-BC looks forward to supporting more of these collaborative efforts for a healthy and resilient future for the landscapes we all depend on.

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