Staff Picks: Staying Inside and Connected to Nature

When it’s time to recharge, comfort and inspiration can be found in nature. From films, to books and activities, the CPAWS-BC team has compiled their top picks to keep your mind and spirit active. Scroll down and click the arrows for full list of staff picks.

  • What we’re reading
  • What we’re watching
  • What we’re listening to
  • What skills and hobbies we’re trying

What we're Reading

Staff Pick: Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv

“New studies have found that people who spend 120 minutes a week in nature, local parks or green spaces are substantially more likely to report good health and psychological well-being than those who don’t. I love when people share stories about their favorite childhood tree or reminisce about their riverbed mud concoctions. Nature supports our learning, growth and community like no-other.

-Skye, Communications and Development Coordinator

What we're Watching

Staff Pick: Jumbo Wild

I first re-watched this film while I was preparing for my interviews with CPAWS-BC, three years ago nearly to the day! Since then, I’ve been privileged to watch the progress and celebrate the success of the Ktunaxa Nation Council in their 30 year-long effort to protect the Jumbo Valley and surrounding wilderness in the Qat’muk Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area (IPCA). The grassroots efforts which have ensured the protection of this special place continue to inspire me to fight for more resilient and healthy BC every day.

– Tori Ball, Terrestrial Campaigner

What we're Listening to

Staff Pick: Killers: J Pod on the brink 

The Southern Strait of Georgia’s natural beauty and abundance of wildlife led scientists to call for its protection back in 1970. Here we are, 50 years later and the southern resident killer whale population hangs at just 72. We need to rally together for all 3000 marine species in this ecosystem needing urgent protection before it’s too late.

Carlo Acuna, Ocean Campaigner

What we're Doing

Watch Live Camera Feeds in Nature

Lose yourself in the thrill of witnessing animals in their natural habitat through wildlife cam feeds. These live feeds can get much closer than you would want to be in real life, where up-close encounters could be dangerous for both you and the animals.

  • Click here for Bald Eagle live cams
  • Click here for the Stanley Park live Heron cam
    • Click here for the Grouse Mountain grizzly cam

Learn about ways you can take action to protect BC’s land, inland ocean and waters. 

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